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Angela D. Henderson

Courtney Mehta

Whitney Cameron

Angela, It has been such a pleasure getting acquainted with you! On a personal level, you have helped both my daughters through the difficult divorce process. More than expert legal representation, you inspired them with your genuine concern and strength-building words. I appreciate the wisdom and guidance you have imparted to them! I am also grateful for the wonderful and educational seminar you provided to my staff. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and found it extremely valuable! I hope our paths will continue to bring us together both professionally and personally!

Great experience with Courtney! She definitely was worth every penny she always kept me informed with my case. I will be hiring her again in another matter. Thank you so much with all of your help!

Angela and Team – You and your staff were able to take a very stressful situation and make it virtually stress free. You all were patient, professional, and caring. My family truly appreciates all your hard work. Thank you! We will always refer anyone looking for a family lawyer to you.

I am so thankful I hired Angela! Even though my case will be ongoing due to my unreasonable ex. I am confident because she is on my side, she has gone above and beyond for me when the opposing side was and is unethical. If you are fighting for was is best for your children there isn’t a better attorney. She always responded in a timely manner to my calls and questions. Angela is a great person to have in your corner.

Courtney was amazing! She was our lawyer for a related adoption. From the beginning she always kept us informed on what was going on and what options we had. Even in a tough time during our case, she kept our spirits up with options we had. The entire staff was great at returning phone calls, emails and answering all questions I had. Courtney always put what was best for my kids first. I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal help!

Angela and her staff were very professional and efficient in handling my divorce case. It was very crucial to me that my case be completed in a timely manner, and Angela was able to accomplish this to my complete satisfaction.

Angela H. is truly head and shoulders above all that practice in family law. These cases can be difficult to keep a clear head in. Angela will keep you on track and, most importantly, do what is the best for the children. She is a tireless advocate for the kids. After all, the children are what matter the most! With her knowledge, professionalism and big heart, Angela will be sure to work towards what is the most fair and just. She is respected in the field and very experienced in family law. Her advice is solid. She has instilled faith in myself and my children, that good will prevail! Thank you Angela. You are truly in a class of your own!

Courtney is an amazing attorney! The respect she has earned from her fellow attorneys and the Will County Judges comes from her knowledge of the laws, her professionalism in the courtroom and her compassion for her clients. In my case seeking continued child support for my special needs daughter past the age of 18, Courtney got results! She was diligent and efficient in returning my calls and emails. Her office staff provided me with documentation of our court appearances via email the very same day of court. Courtney was supportive of my plight, not only as it affected my daughter and I financially, but personally as well. I so appreciate all she has done to help me on my journey.


Angela, I appreciate what you have done. You’re very good in your profession and it shows. Who knows what will become of this case, but I thank you!

Angela helped me with my divorce and child custody. I could not be happier!!! She was honest, straight forward and got things done quick! I never thought I could have such a great experience with an attorney, and one who actually cares and is not out to get your money! She truly has your best interest at heart! Would definitely recommend. I am also retaining again for another issue!

My husband needed a lawyer to handle his custody/support issues with his ex who just LOVES to sue us. Every attorney he’d found sounded great and said all the right things and then folded like a cheap suit in front of our very stern judge.

We felt like we hit the jackpot after our consultation with Angela. She is like a live version of Judge Judy; ever tough and to the point. She actually told us to handle our first matter pro se (represent ourselves) because she would feel “icky” taking our money for something so simple. YES – I just said I found a lawyer who refused money! She is dogged and tenacious in her negotiations and you can bet she’ll keep your bottom line in the forefront of her mind during those conversations and take no quarter. She was the only attorney I’ve met that made me feel 100% confident. She loves her job, she loves the law and she loves to win. I cannot say enough positive things about her. WELL worth any price she charges.

Courtney was great! Very organized and helpful. She got back to me very quickly with any questions I had. I definitely would recommend her, she was a great choice.

Angela and her whole staff are amazing. Keep me informed on everything that was going on w/ my case. When I was frustrated at times w/ my case, Angela kept on fighting for me. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Angela, When I first met you in your Lemont office, I never dreamed that you, your professional expertise, but mostly your angelic heart would one day lift me from the depths of self-pity and shocking despair. I am beginning to truly embrace the fact that God has (and will continue) been guiding me and looking out for me. I thank Him that He lead me to set an appointment with you. You are so much more than a great lawyer. (Although part of me wanted to see you “crush” the petitioner) You are one of the few who spreads love on earth through caring acts of kindness. You know exactly what to say to me and how to say it. Each day I draw upon His promises and find strength and focus in your advice and counsel. It scares me to think where I would be and how I would be in it were not for you. Thank you for challenging my faith and for being a blessed example of a forgiven child of God. Thank you for your love and generosity. Thank you for protecting me and my precious boys. Thank you for making me laugh and making me whole again. Thank God for you! I owe you so much – but I know you do what you do and go about it in the way you do because you are filled with His grace. You have made a difference – you have saved my life and I will never forget you.


Courtney came to me through Angela Henderson and she did an outstanding job. She advised me, listened to my case and executed each step professionally. She helped me understand divorce is difficult, but she was present to support me. She was thorough with her advise and explained each step so I was never in the dark. I highly recommend.

Angela represented me in a custody case and needless to say she was superb!! Angela represented me in a way that I doubt many attorneys could do these days. She is very knowledgeable about her field of practice and always kept me informed. I interviewed many attorneys before I met Angela and I must say that God answered my prayers in sending her to us. If you are looking for an Attorney to represent you and will fight for you…I highly recommend Angela H.

Angela, I wanted to say thank you for your help with our mediation. He is very hard to deal with! I can’t thank you enough for all your help and making a difficult situation a bit easier.

Angela, Your job probably walks over your patience and brings you to your wits end. As a client, I truly appreciate your heartfelt dedication and strength. I got the most out of him in 1 ½ years, than I will for the rest of his life. You Rock ‘Em Girl!!

Courtney and the staff at Henderson Law were very professional and responsive during my divorce. Courtney’s knowledge of the law was impressive and she answered every question I had in a timely manner. It was a pleasure dealing with such professional people and I would definitely recommend Courtney and the staff at Henderson Law!

Angela, Thank you so much for so much! You always have extended yourself beyond normal limits but this year even more. I probably haven’t shown it, but I truly appreciate it. You are truly a gem – a very kind and generous person. God Bless You. Thanks.

Thank you Ms. Angela, If it weren’t for more people like you, my son and family would be without our grandson, and my son without his son. We have been fighting this since my grandson was 18 months old and his mother decided to come take him away. He lived with y son until his mother decided she wanted him. AS a mother I can see her dilemma with not being sure if she wanted her son. She has 2 other children from 2 other people. Me, as the grandmother, has not say. But my grandson and I bonded for all those months, not fair to anyone. Thank you for having a wonderful heart.

When I first came to Courtney, she very compassionate about my situation for review of maintenance and child support. She took the time to listen to my concerns and was direct and thorough on all we needed to do to win my case. Her confidence was key to easing my fears. When court came Courtney was so prepared that she accomplished more than I imagined. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her again if need be.

Angela H. is the epitome of what every attorney and mediator should strive to be. She is dedicated to her clients and her cases. She diligently follows not only every aspect of the court process, but she also becomes involved in personally representing the best interests of every client who walks through her door. As a guardian ad litem, she works hard to ensure the best interests of children are not lost in the courtroom shuffle. As a mediator, she settles disputes with respect, confidentiality, neutrality and diligence. She supported me every step of the way in my case and really worked hard to ensure that my needs and interests were met, all the while maintaining her professionalism. My case had the outcome I was looking for, that was really in the best interests of all involved, and I really do not think I could have had the success I had without Angela Henderson representing me. Most every court case is horrible, but Angela really worked hard to ensure it was a smooth process. She had respect for me, for the other attorneys and for the court in general. She treated me like a person and not just like a client and I really felt she cared about my case. If I ever have any other court issues I need taken care of, I would only hire Angela H. because she is the best of what an attorney should be.

I am so glad I hired Angela. She got me thru a difficult situation. She is intelligent, professional and she cares about clients. Her staff is great. They kept me informed at all times. I am grateful that I had such great representation.

Angela, Thanks to you and your wonderful expertise. The judge granted me my divorce thanks to you. I just want to take this time out to say thank you for what you’ve done for me. You don’t know how happy and relieved you have made me. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Again . . . Thank you so very much.

Angela is handling an out of state custody battle & so far she’s easy to get ahold of, her staff doesn’t charge an arm and leg to talk about the case, and she acts fast! Very satisfied with this attorney so far.

Angela, Thank you for representing us at court this week! You were a godsend, taking our case at the last minute and helping us through such a difficult time. And thank you for the kind and heartfelt words you shared with us at the end. It made a difference. You made a difference. Thank you so much!

Angela, This Independence Day I want to thank you for enabling my own independence outside of my relationship with my child’s father. The amount of gratitude I have for you is priceless. Thank you for everything you have done for my son and I.

Courtney has been a great attorney since she was assigned to my case due to another attorney leaving Henderson Law. She picked up thoroughly right where the other left off. Very prompt with emailing responses on any questions I had through this difficult time. Extremely attentive to my needs/wants and always for the best interest of my child. I would highly recommend Courtney for any legal needs in regards to family law.

Angela, I just wanted to thank you again for your caring ad kind, yet professional handling of my case. You have always made me feel that you understood and truly cared about me as a person. I appreciate your open-minded approach to our team-work. Thanks again. I would highly recommend you!

Angela came highly recommend from a friend she handled my sons divorce professionally and was fair for both parties. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.

Courtney did a wonderful of letting me know how my divorce would proceed and keeping me calm during a very stressful time in my life. She was empathetic and professional, always keeping me updated about the status of my case. She was very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her for anyone else getting a divorce.

Glad I had the winning number!! You’re our favorite attorney – so thoughtful. Thanks again.

Angela was completely professional as well as compassionate. We used her to draft a visitation and parenting agreement; under very difficult circumstances. She was straight to the point and very patient with us. She has extensive knowledge and is a top notch child advocate. Trust me you will be glad you used her!

It took a while to gain Angela’s confidence as she was an advocate for my son. She is smart and fair. She made SURE my son was represented fairly and listened to him and gave him a voice in his future that one of the worst attorneys I have ever known would not.

Angela is an amazing attorney! She knows the laws, the Will County Court System and her fellow attorneys. She is respected! She is attentive to her clients and looks out for their best interests financially and emotionally. She is compassionate, understanding there is so much more to divorce than just dividing assets and calculating child support. She helps prepare you for your new journey!

Impressed does not begin to describe our thoughts about attorney Courtney Mehta. She helped us several times for post-divorce issues. We were continually being presented with huge bills, over and above full child support, by my husbands ex-wife. Courtney was so thorough she caught several things in the divorce decree that were in our favor. We went from the position of the ex threatening us with going to court, to being in the position of not owing a thing! We also consulted Courtney on my son’s college education costs, which were initially deferred. Once again, Courtney helped us arrive at the best possible outcome for my son, us and helped us work well with my ex-husband. It was a win-win-win! She had our best interests at heart, working well within the statutes of the law. She is up to date on recent rulings and new laws.

If you ripped out all of the tares from the line of workers in this field, do to their corrupt, greedy and evil ways…Playing off of the misfortune of others…You would find Angela as one of the few left standing. As, she is of the good seed, that is of great strength, and will prosper. I admire Angela for the love and compassion that she puts forth in a very professional manner as to protect those whom have no voice in the court rooms “Children”…I admire how Angela puts the child before anyone else, to protect and stand up for their rights as a human being. Divorce is hard for everyone…It is harder on children than anyone else, because too often, their rights are violated, as so often parents use their children as a way to hurt the other parent. Children become punching bags and targets of many different kinds of abuse. Angela stopped these, and other abuses from being done anymore to my child. She didn’t stand up for me….She stood up for my child, and I admire her for giving my child the love and attention that was needed to help my child get through all that she was dealing with. My child has been able to flourish and become stronger with-in her mind, because of Angela being of true spirit. I would recommend Angela to anyone that is of truth in nature, that has a good spirit, and is not out for themselves, and what they can get. The only reason that I would refer only this kind of person to Angela…Is because there is no evil that deserves to have such a righteous fighter in their corner!!! Thank you again Angela for all that you have done…May God bless you with the same love and guidance that you have given to “I’m sure” so many

Angela was always there for me and even did things outside of my expectations for her. I would highly recommend her for anyone, especially for those who struggle financially. She seems to have a soft spot for single moms and this made me truly connect with and trust her. I owe her the world!

Angela, I wanted to send this note in thanking you for your service as Guardian to my boys. Because of you, I have been able to spend much needed quality time with them. I’ve seen drastic improvement in their emotional stability and their behavior at home and on the practice field. In fact, I now coach both of their football teams in Plainfield. We are tremendously grateful for your help. You are forever in our prayers and hearts.

Courtney Mehta always represented me with my best interest as a priority. Courtney was very professional and communicated any information to me immediately. She was very patient and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Courtney.

Angela, Thank you for being there for my daughter. Her children and their welfare mean everything to her and to me. We love you and are so “Blessed” to have you in our lives. Our “Best Wishes” for your continued happiness.

Angela, I just left your office and wanted to say how proud I am of you. You are a genuine and wonderful person! I am glad that you represent me and are fighting to restore my relationship with my daughter. The fact that you are not charging us for today’s brief meeting and tomorrow’s status hearing says a lot about your character and how much you care about children. You have exceeded expectations. Thank you very much.

She is knowledgeable about the law, very helpful, knows what can/cannot be done, and is extremely nice! She is an incredible lawyer who is straightforward and will help in any way possible.

Angela, Even though I don’t agree with your recommendations, I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and energy you put into this case. You were very good with the girls and I appreciate your kind words regarding them. They are both incredibly wonderful children and I know how lucky I am to have them. Thank you again.

Courtney, I cannot thank you enough for the piece of mind you were able to provide. And I feel that we totally won! You are an amazing person, fantastic lawyer and I am certain a wonderful mother!

Ms. Henderson did what other attorneys told me was not possible! She truly cares about me. She took the time to help me. She is exceptional with her legal knowledge and skills. I recommend her to everyone!!!

I did not hire Ms. Henderson as my attorney but I did sit down and talk with her about my case. She is an outstanding attorney and if I ever need an attorney to represent me she will be the first person I call. Angela unlike some attorney’s I spoke with is not just after her clients’ money. She is really concerned about their cases and take them seriously this is what puts her over the top. It’s hard to find honest people now days that are not just after your hard earned money.

I’m so happy I went to see Angela. She was referred by an older attorney in Oak Brook but I ended up connecting with her here through AVVO. She met with me on a Saturday and was brutally honest with me about my case. She also told me what it would cost and what I had to do. Direct, no-nonsense, reasonable and knows her stuff. I have to leave my review anonymously because of my case but I consulted with at least 10 different family attorneys. I couldn’t wait to hire Angela.

Courtney has been very thorough and helpful in researching hidden assets and potential dissipation by my husband during a long divorce process. She openly explains the process and she is available for questions.

Angela and her staff were very professional and efficient in handling my divorce case. It was very crucial to me that my case be completed in a timely manner, and Angela was able to accomplish this to my complete satisfaction.

Angela was excellent in helping me and was very informative and thorough with everything she did. She made the whole process easy, she fought for me and made the process quick. I would highly recommend Angela to represent you!!!! Thank you Angela again for everything!!!!

Courtney Mehta has been an extremely strong and knowledgeable attorney that has represented me. I appreciate her professionalism in the courtroom and determination to always move my case forward. Courtney is very considerate at returning emails and phone calls in a promptly matter. I highly recommend Courtney!

Hired Angela to represent my sister in a divorce case. Chose her based on positive reviews on AVVO. All of the reviews held true. She is a no nonsense lawyer who is in your corner to get you the best possible settlement. Case was concluded in less than a year and we were able to move on with our lives in a new direction.


Attorney Angela Henderson was recommended to me by a good friend- Lorili. My first impression was that she was a sweet and genuine women who cared. She did her best to support me throughout the divorce assuring that everything will be ok. I trusted her and we finished on a great ending.

I had a cut and dry case with my divorce, that ended in December 2011. I have two children and custody was my main concern. Angela sat me down on our first meeting, asked me a few pertinent questions, and then told me what to expect, how much it would cost, and more importantly, she asked me what I wanted (in terms of the split) to gain out of this process. The only delays were in returning phone calls to me, but usually she did return them in 24 hours or less. I felt understood and well-informed after our initial visit, and with subsequent visits, as well. I did have to rehire her later this year to “remind” the ex to make payments on out of pocket medical expenses. She charged me a nominal fee for that–and I was able to recoup the cost from the ex, in part, according to our judgment.I felt as though she charged a reasonable fee for the divorce. My case, again, was cut and dry. No litigation about custody. He agreed to what I asked for.I was actually referred to Angela by a friend going through her divorce last year. Best decision ever!

My husband and I are currently going through a divorce and his family is familiar with the legal system (in a good way) however I have no idea on any of it so imagine my surprise when I was served with divorce papers and had no idea what my next step should be. I “thought” I could ask my husband for guidance but that was a joke. My husband lives in a different county than me so I was quick to learn that since he filed in his county I had to obtain a lawyer in his county. (5 hours away) Having 2 kids, a job and a car that has over 250,000 miles on it I didn’t see how this was supposed to work. I called Angela and got a free consultation right away. I was so nervous since I never dealt with lawyers before but she was so welcoming and friendly she put me at ease instantly. I had so many questions she answered them all and was so confident even informed me of some things that I never thought about or heard of. She is willing to work with me throughout this divorce and I am so grateful that there are still good people out there ready to lend a helping hand. Thanks again Angela your great!

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