Benefits of Establishing Your Child’s Paternity

Benefits of Establishing Your Child’s Paternity

Establishing paternity is the procedure of documenting the legal relationship between a child and the father. In life, there are some instances where parents need to establish paternity. Understandably, some parents shun paternity tests due to the revelation that may come out. Nevertheless, it is vital to look past the fear and consider the following benefits of establishing paternity.

Financial assistance

Paternal laws are in operation to compel fathers to take responsibility for their kids even if they abandon them. This is why every state in the United States has child support laws.

Bringing up children can be expensive, hence the child support laws that force non-custodial parents to pay a certain amount to custodial parents for the kids’ upkeep.

Now, child support can only be gotten from a child’s parent. This means that if paternity is not established, the father won’t have a legal obligation to pay child support. So establishing paternity will give the custodial parent child support money.

Emotional benefits

Knowing your biological parents satisfies a deep and innate desire to know where we came from and who we are. Kids who have a sense of acceptance and belonging to a family unit tend to grow up into highly confident individuals with a powerful understanding of their own identity.

Apart from the self-identity issue, establishing paternity strengthens the bond between a father and child. By embracing fatherhood, there is also an avenue for interaction between a child and the father’s family members.

Medical benefits

If the father’s employers offer healthcare benefits, then the child may be included under his healthcare plan.

Besides, medical issues can be passed from father to child. After paternity is established, the father’s medical records are released to the custodial parent. In this way, any possible health risks can be identified from the medical records of the father.

These risks include:

Genetic diseases

Food allergies

Other benefits of establishing paternity include:

It makes sure that parents have a legal right to their kids and are involved in future parenting actions such as child support arrangements and custody, making things less complicated.

It makes changing the child’s last name easier.

It offers legal rights if there is fear that one parent might take the child forcefully and without consent.

It allows for travel with the children.

In some states, the child of an unmarried woman is required to assume the last name of the mother. In case the mother decides to give the possible father’s name to the child, then a paternity test is required.

If the father is in the military, the child may be entitled to some benefits due to the father’s military service.

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